Two British aid workers killed in Ukraine

Two British citizens who volunteered to evacuate civilians and carry out relief activities in eastern Ukraine were killed. The families of Andrew Bagshaw, 47, and Chris Parry, 28, who have been missing for some time, have publicly announced that they have been killed.

Two British aid workers killed in Ukraine


Andrew Bagshaw and Chris Parry were last seen on their way to the city of Soledar on January 6th.

The Bagshaw family announced that the vehicles of two aid workers trying to rescue an elderly woman were hit by artillery shells.

“Aid volunteers lost their lives trying to evacuate civilians,” the Perry family said in a statement.

Chris Parry and Andrew Bagshaw have been volunteering in Donetsk region in eastern Ukraine since April.

Parry had been to Ukraine from England and Bagshaw from New Zealand.


The Russian mercenary company, Wagner Group, previously claimed that the body of one of the British volunteers had been found.

After intense fighting, the Russian army claimed to have captured the city of Soledar, where there is an important salt mine.


The British Foreign Office has issued a message of condolence to Andrew Bagshaw and Chris Parry.

The Ministry had previously warned British citizens not to go to Ukraine, and asked British citizens in the country to leave Ukraine immediately 


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