Erdogan closed the door to NATO… Statement from Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, like a confession

While the NATO membership talks between Turkey and Sweden were continuing, there was a harsh reaction from Turkey to the scandalous act of a politician named Rasmus Paludan in front of Turkey’s Stockholm Embassy. The statement reflecting the difficult situation in Sweden, where Erdogan closed the NATO door, came from Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson himself.

The echoes of the right-wing politician Rasmus Paludan being allowed to burn the Qur’an in front of the Turkish Embassy continue.


The harshest reaction to the scandal in Sweden, which eroded Turkey’s door for NATO membership, came from President Erdogan.

Making statements after the cabinet meeting, Erdoğan used the following statements regarding the vile action in Sweden;

‘It is clear that those who caused such a disgrace will no longer expect any benevolence from us when it comes to applying to NATO. You will have terrorist organizations roam your streets, and then you will expect support from us to join NATO. No Such Thing.’


After Erdogan closed the NATO door to Sweden, the statement reflecting the difficult situation in Sweden came from Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson Himself.

According to the news in Dagens Nyheter, the Prime Minister said that no national security issue is more important for the country than the rapid accession of Sweden and Finland to NATO.


Kristersson, who appeared before the cameras with Foreign Minister Tobias Billström and Defense Minister Pål Jonson, summarized the situation in Sweden with the words “I want to invite everyone in Sweden to understand the seriousness”.

This statement led to comments such as ‘The Prime Minister admitted the difficult situation Sweden is in’.


‘Has Erdogan closed the door to Sweden?’ On the question, Kristersson said, ‘I don’t think anyone interpreted it that way. “There is anger,” he said.

‘What can Sweden do to change Erdogan’s mind?’ The Swedish Prime Minister’s response to the question was as follows;

‘Turkey makes its own decision. We need to return to a functioning dialogue, abide by the Sweden-Finland-Turkey agreement.’

Svt nyheter newspaper explained the “nightmare scenario” for Sweden in its news that included the comment “Kristersson held a press conference in the shadow of the increasing intense protests against Sweden in the Islamic world”.


It was stated that Finland’s entry into NATO, leaving Sweden alone, is a nightmare scenario for Sweden. Because if Finland joins NATO, Sweden will be the only country in Northern Europe that is not a member of the alliance.

Kristersson, who made a statement on Twitter after the scandalous action in Sweden, said, “Freedom of expression is a fundamental part of democracy. But just because something is legal doesn’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate.

The Swedish Prime Minister, who said, ‘It is extremely disrespectful to burn a book that is sacred to many,’ continued his words as follows;

‘I convey my sympathy to all Muslims who are disturbed by what is happening in Stockholm today’


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