US Senate overwhelmingly approves Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership

Finland and Sweden, which applied for NATO membership after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, are waiting for approval from the NATO alliance for membership approval. The USA became the last country to approve the membership of the two countries after the vote in the Senate.

The Membership Evaluation Made In The US Senate, which received an overwhelmingly yes vote of 95 to 1, supported the network that was tried to be created for ‘national security’ after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


The US Senate on Wednesday gave almost unanimous bipartisan approval to Finland and Sweden ‘s NATO Membership, Emphasizing The Expansion Of The Western Defense Bloc As A Goal For US National Security, Describing It As A Way Of Reckoning For Vladimir Putin.

An important step was taken towards the expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and its 73-year-old joint defense pact, with a vote of 95 to 1 for the candidacy of two European countries that had long avoided military alliances until Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Joe Biden, democratic allies in the United States and Europe, and a major player in global economic and material support to Ukraine, wanted a ‘quick’ entry for two previously non-military northern European countries.

Joining NATO requires approval from all member states.

Finland and Sweden have now received 30 approvals.


Finland and Sweden’s nominations have received the approval of more than half of the NATO member states in the nearly three months since the application.

“This sends a warning shot to tyrants around the world who believe free democracies are poised to be taken over,” said Minnesota Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar before the vote.


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