COPY and PASTE to EARN $5,00 – $10,000 | Make MONEY (2023)

 step 1: copy step 2: paste step 3: send step 4: Wait for some time and then ….. In today’s Article I’ll show you another way to earn money Best part is that if you don’t know much about internet and IT. You can still easily earns online money Also press the bell button, so that when ever i upload a new strategy to earn money, you will be the first one to watch and earn using that method Now lets begin our today’s strategy this is a website link in description you can directly open it from there This website show the ranking of your / other website’s Don’t worry,


you didn’t need a website or there is no need to learn how this web site works just watch the complete video and do the steps as i did But if you want to learn more about this website, you can read it out yourself so now what we have to do First step is to sign in on this website And its fee to signup. So just signup to this website after creating account or signing up. This interface will show just ignore what its say or how its works there is another link in description open and add it to google extension its also shows ranking of the website Now open google Now search any website related to any thing (Try to search small business websites as there website required a lot of improvement) we can use that in our favor I’ll search one & let me show you the website this is the website you can search any website and then you have to open the extension we added ( FATRANK) as this website is related to dental so if we search the word dental on the extension. Also select the country. If you see the results its show that google wont show this website in top 100 searches, if a person search dental which means its SEO can be improved now go to website click on affiliate and then on click on promo material (we will be earning through this) scroll down as copy the sample link again open the website you searched, and find the contact information (email or contact number) open email and send a mail on that mail address you will also place the link we copy from mangools .com you will type a complete description in mail about telling that your website SEO is week you can improve it by using the following software and placed the link you copied and send it Now if that person purchased that software from You will be getting 30% commission Which means you will be earning 20 to 25 $ from a single purchase. That’s how you can earn money in 2021 Hopefully, you liked this Post There are some other ways to earn money. LINK IN DESCRIPTION. GO check it out Hopefully w”l meet in the next article . until then Allah hafiz 



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