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Leaked GTA 6 videos make Goat Simulator head-on

Goat Simulator 3, which advertises using Rockstar Games’ leaked GTA 6 videos, has been taken down due to copyright infringement.

Goat Simulator is among the games loved by the players with its satire as well as entertaining. The game, which was developed by the developer Coffee Stain Studios at a game jam event, suddenly became a hit and then came out as a game on its own.


Leaked GTA 6 videos used in Goat Simulator 3 ad

Goat Simulator 3 developer Coffee Stain North received a takedown notice from officials at Take-Two after using leaked GTA 6 footage in a recent trailer.

Presented by a character named NPC Shaun, the trailer explains, “There are other things coming, other, big game worlds. You can actually see me in some images that were leaked a few months ago,” followed by an edited clip from the GTA 6 leaks.



Of course, TakeTwo was unlikely to remain silent on this. He sent a notice to all platforms where the promotion was published, demanding the removal of the video, and the video was removed from all platforms.



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