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Zuckerberg against Apple: “it’s the only company that claims to control what you can install on your phones”


During the DealBook Event, the CEO and founder of Meta Mark Zuckerberg has launched a hard jab (yet another) against Apple . Zuckerberg disputes Apple’s policies on the distribution of applications, accusing it of having a de facto duopoly (together with Google) on the market for digital services and products.


Apple is the only company that has attempted, successfully, to unilaterally and unquestionably control which applications can be installed on a device. It’s not a sustainable scenario and it’s definitely not good for consumers

he said in his onstage interview at the DealBook Event.

Mark Zuckerberg’s statements come within hours of those of Elon Musk, who this week accused Apple of basically the same things, claiming that the company had threatened to remove Twitter from the App Store. This morning, after meeting Tim Cook at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, Elon Musk partially retracted his statements, speaking of a “misunderstanding”.

Unlike Apple, Google has always allowed users to sideload and download the applications they want from other sources and marketplaces. It is the same philosophy that we have chosen to follow with our headsets for virtual and augmented reality


added Mark Zuckerberg.


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