Zangezur Corridor can change the balance in logistics

Zangezur Corridor can change the balance in logistics

With the implementation of the Zangezur Corridor, the commercial, logistic and political ties of the Turkish World will be strengthened. The most important aspects of this very complex equation are; Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey.

With the implementation of the tripartite declaration signed between Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia after the Karabakh War, the region is now in a process of economic development by getting out of the war environment thanks to the new transportation lines. All economy and transportation lines, which have been closed for nearly 30 years due to the Karabakh conflict, are planned to be opened. In this process, the transportation line, which the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev referred to as the “Zengezur corridor” many times, comes to the fore. Thanks to this corridor, a connection will be established between Azerbaijan and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.


Dr. Ayşegül Ketenci wrote about the importance of opening the Zengezur Corridor in 3 questions.

1 Why is the opening of the Zangezur Corridor important?

In 2020, when the 2nd Karabakh War ended with the absolute superiority of Azerbaijan, the way to reshape the balance of power in the region was opened. In the agreement signed after the war, it was foreseen that Armenia would withdraw from the lands it had held for nearly 30 years, and it was stated that new transportation corridors would be implemented thanks to the atmosphere of trust that would be created here. The new transportation link to be opened between Azerbaijan and Nakhchivan was one of the most important articles of this agreement. So much so that the transportation corridors reaching Azerbaijan from Central Asia were cut like a knife at this point, and Azerbaijan’s connection with Nakhchivan and later with Turkey was prevented. Re-establishing the transport corridor is a long and arduous process. However, if this happens, Along the aforementioned route, a route that will pass through the Caspian and Turkey between Central Asia and Europe will be implemented without interruption. In this case, there is an increase in Turkey’s trade volume not only with Azerbaijan, but also with the entire Middle East. With the implementation of the Zangezur Corridor, the commercial, logistic and political ties of the Turkish World will be strengthened. Zengezur has the potential to be the shining star of the Turkish World.

2 Which actors are acting in the corridor and for what purposes?



Zangezur is located in a geography that is of interest to many countries. The most important aspects of this very complex equation are; Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia and Turkey. Besides the long-standing friendship between Turkey and Azerbaijan, thanks to TANAP, Azerbaijani gas is transported to Europe via Turkey, and thus the bond of love is reinforced by economic ties. Iran, which sees itself as a regional power, fears that Azerbaijan will become a center of attraction for Azeris living in Iran, and predicts that with the opening of Zangezur, its connection to the Black Sea will be prevented due to its disconnection with Armenia. This situation is considered as a border change and geostrategic regression to Iran’s detriment. For Iran, this means not being able to reach the Black Sea and Russia, It is perceived as the decrease in its sphere of influence in the Caucasus and its loss of power as a transit country on the Belt-Road. Aside from all these perceptions and arguments of Iran, the main reason for the anxiety about Zangezur is the fear of Azerbaijan and Turkey becoming more active in the region. Article 9 of the agreement signed after the 2nd Karabakh Victory includes the provision that Russia will have control over the Zangezur Corridor, this situation enables Russia to gain a strong position in this geography and emphasizes its superiority of control.

3 What will the opening of the corridor change?

Since many actors have different areas of interest on the Zangezur Corridor, the conflicting interests also cause an increase in the tension in the geography. The opening of Zangezur will make it easier for all countries in the region to connect with each other and with other geographies, and with the strengthening of trade and logistics relations, tensions will be replaced by new business relations in parallel with the increase in prosperity. The development of the Trans-Caspian Transport Route (CTN) and the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC) means strengthening Eurasia’s supply lines and transit position. In order to obtain the said benefits, it is necessary to develop a discourse in which the benefits will be brought to the fore for all the countries in the region. In addition, without excluding any regional actor,


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