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YouTube TV: PiP mode arrives in iOS 15


As officially confirmed, the PiP feature , also known as Picture-in-Picture , is officially coming to YouTube TV for iOS 15 users . The company has had the opportunity to explain, as shown on the official Twitter profile, that even users with the iOS update in question can swipe starting from the bottom of the screen to activate the feature.


Once you proceed with the operation in question, you have the opportunity to activate the new feature and adjust the second window that opens and allows you to continue playing the contents automatically. As the videos scroll, it is therefore possible to discover new channels, carry out searches, and check, for example, one’s subscriptions on the platform without having to close the video and reopen it later.

The company also confirmed that the tests have officially started regarding the viewing of the platform’s standard contents through PiPs, given that at the moment everything is only available for those who have a YouTube Premium subscription , and therefore have the opportunity to try the feature before it is made available to everyone. At the moment, in any case, the work has not yet been completed in this sense, and we do not know when the company will finally be able to update users in this sense.

It should be emphasized that, although the new update has been made available officially, it could take some time before you finally have the opportunity to try everything firsthand, considering that the update takes some time to arrive on each device . All that remains is to make sure you have updated to iOS 15 or a higher version  and wait for the relevant platform update.





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