YouTube tests reactions for videos


The reactions of the platforms, in all their forms, are starting to arrive in more and more programs. Here is also that YouTube is no exception, and while all users take advantage of the reactions on different social networks, and are clamoring for their integration on WhatsApp , the team of the streaming platform has thought of providing this possibility to users.

Let’s talk about the opportunity to interact with videos in a much more interesting way. Until now, the platform has allowed everyone to leave likes, dislikes and comments to provide their feedback to the authors, but thanks to the feature currently being tested , you will be able to share emojis based on your status at an exact moment in the video. Everything has been enabled for a few users and we are not yet in the release phase, which following the tests could fortunately become imminent, as is also the case for the few enabled videos.

Watching the videos you have the opportunity to watch the reactions of other users by opening the comments section and the reactions panel, which reveals in what moments all the other members of the community reacted in a specific moment of the video, with everything that will result however anonymous, thus allowing the platform to provide only generic numbers.

At the moment, there are not many emojis , and for sure the giant will have the opportunity to improve the functionality by continuing to work on it in view of the final release, obviously hoping that this is not particularly far away. All that remains is to wait in order to try this new feature to improve the interaction between users and between the authors of the videos, which seems to be able to break more and more the barriers of the screens, making the vision of the contents more interesting. .




  • YouTube tests letting you leave emoji reactions at specific moments on videos (9to5Google)


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