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“YouTube: Push Stop” content aims to prevent misinformation

YouTube aims to prevent misinformation by raising awareness of users with its new “YouTube: Press Stop” content.

The problem of disinformation and hate speech in social networks is one of the most important issues that have been on the agenda for years. YouTube aims to prevent misinformation by raising awareness of users with its  new “YouTube: Press Stop” content.


Within the scope of the content created by Youtube, the difficulty of noticing emotional language, dilemmas and experts in social networks is mentioned. In addition, information on YouTube’s content moderation is also shared in the video series. 

In the videos, users are advised to take a break from the use of the social network to avoid manipulation and dissemination of false information. Likewise, before relying on the information of people who introduce themselves as experts, it is recommended to question the competency, diploma and certificates of the expert. 

We can say that the content in Turkish will enable more people to be informed about the subject in Turkey. In addition to these content published on the YouTube Turkey channel, the company has also released a content series that shares the steps it has taken to make YouTube safe. 

While these efforts enable users on the platform to learn more about YouTube’s moderation process, they can create media literacy awareness in content consumption. 


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