Young people: this is how they save and invest

Young people: this is how they save and invest.


A survey conducted by Gimme5 has revealed the interest of young people in smart investments. 47% of new subscribers to the Gimme5 platform allow small amounts to be set aside via smartphone and invested in mutual funds. This 47% belongs to Generation Y and 42% to Generation Z. The share of income saved increases with advancing age. Young women save less than men their age. On average, 28%, with peaks of 54% among the very young of Generation Z. 


Young and very young people save up for a trip. To leave in the summer, you start saving from January for an average amount of just over 300 euros per goal. Saving automatically works with an increase in the number of investments. It is men, more than women, who resort to automatic savings.

The Gimme5 survey reveals that the propensity to take risks increases with age . Stock investments are chosen by only 8.3% of Generation Z against 23.1% of the elderly. This is due to the greater financial education that comes with age. For investments, women are more cautious than men. Stock investments are chosen by only 9.3% of women, against 12% of men. Bonds are selected by 45.6% of women compared to 30.4% of men.




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