Yorkie: the cat who traveled over 400 km in a truck


Yorkie, the cat who traveled over four and a half hours over 400 km at 100 per hour in the hood of a truck. He’s only 9 weeks old, it happened in the metropolitan district of Wirral, England, along the highway that leads from Southampton to Wallasey. The cat traveled like this because he got trapped and accompanied the driver as it were to the supermarket in Merseyside, on the other side of the country.


Supermarket employees helped him look for the cause of the unusual noise coming from the truck during the journey. And here’s the surprise, a black spot covered in oil with two sweet eyes staring at those present! The poor kitty was pulled out of the hood and placed in the care of the vet. Yorkie, his new name is due to the truck driver ‘s favorite chocolate bars.

A journey that took him from the south to the north of England. He is now at the Rspca (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) shelter in Wirral and Chester. He is waiting to trace the owner, if he has one, since he is not microchipped. Maybe he ended up trapped in the truck to escape the cold. Maybe he’s a stray since he was out in the elements. In short, the important thing is that luck kissed him saving him from the worst!

  • The incredible journey of the Yorkie cat: he travels over 400 kilometers in the hood of a truck (


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