Xiaomi inaugurates a three-story store with over 2,000 products in China


Lu Weibing , vice president of the Xiaomi group , has recently had the opportunity to give a happy news to the fans of this Chinese brand now known and appreciated all over the world. Specifically, we are talking about the opening of a new store in China , which, however, does not present itself as a classic similar to many others that we have already had the opportunity to see, given that the same aims to offer a total of three floors and 2,000 products present inside.

This is certainly a useful maneuver both for what concerns the sale and display of new devices to the public, and for the possibility of making the brand more and more well-known and flashy, as from time to time different companies decide to to do by creating particularly large spaces in which to interact and discover upcoming news.

As for the new found of the Chinese giant, we find a total of over 1,000 square meters , with several 3D billboards surrounding the structure. As for the products inside, we move from services to smartphones, without forgetting devices such as speakers and smart TVs that are part of the company’s ecosystem. Through draws, winners are also being drawn for Redmi Buds 3 , XiaoAI Speaker Play one and more.

Certainly, the new store just inaugurated only underlines how much over time the brand born as exclusively online has grown dramatically, managing to compete in different sectors with all the other companies that are part of the technological world, and that of day by day they find themselves dealing with the news of the Chinese giant always ready to surprise the fans.




  • Xiaomi Home’s largest Flagship Store opens in China on April 30 with over 2000+ products in stock (Gizmochina)


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