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Xiaomi 12 Ultra: ceramic and vegan leather, the shell materials will be true ‘premium’


The new Xiaomi 12 Ultra will have a body with extremely premium materials. Xiaomi has recently brought the 12 series to Italy as well, the range includes the new Xiaomi 12, 12X, and 12 Pro. They are excellent smartphones with top-of-the-range performance.


The Xiaomi 12 Ultra is still unreleased and should move the bar even higher, with further improved specifications and quality materials. According to rumors, the body will be partly occupied by a huge photographic module – almost certainly with circular geometry.

Unlike what we saw on the Xiaomi 11 Ultra currently on the market, there shouldn’t be a secondary mini-display mounted on the rear body.

According to the latest rumors, consumers will be able to choose between three different versions: one with a ceramic back cover (black or white), one in glass, and then another version with a vegan leather shell. The same material that we will find on the body of the Vivo X Fold.


The new device will be presented next month, in May. An improved SoC is expected, namely the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1+, and an OLED display with QHD+ resolution. In short, the Xiaomi 12 Ultra has all the credentials to become the spearhead of the Android offer of this 2022. All that remains is to wait a few more weeks to find out more.



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