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Xbox Series X and Sonic Frontiers dominate Black Friday, despite everything

Black Friday has ended and it’s time to sum up, so Xbox Series X and Sonic Frontiers will be able to rejoice.

Xbox Series X and Sonic Frontiers represent, for different reasons, two sides of the same coin in the world of video games.


The title of SEGA, which you can still find discounted for a few hours on Amazon among other things, has now risen to the headlines only for negative aspects.

So much so that there is a fan who has decided to turn it into Death Stranding, or at least the closest thing possible to Hideo Kojima’s title.


And while Phil Spencer said he was worried about Xbox Series X stocks, meanwhile they bring it home on Black Friday.

Xbox Series X and Sonic Frontiers dominate Black Friday, despite everything

As VGC reports, in fact, the Microsoft console was one of the most requested products the last Black Friday.


A 2022 holiday shopping trends report released by Adobe has been updated to include the results of last week’s Black Friday sales.


According to the report, Xbox Series X was one of the five “hot products” of the crazy discount period. The other four are the children’s show Bluey, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, drones, and Macbooks.

It’s unclear what factors or data define a “hot product” for Adobe, but there remains significant selection and recognition.

Similar fate for the mistreated Sonic Frontiers that always stood up on Black Friday (via VGC ).


Sales of the game jumped 203% after several retailers dropped the price of the game to £30 (around €35) on Black Friday. This move propelled it up the UK charts from tenth to seventh place.

Interesting results for both contenders, especially Sonic Frontiers which in this period saw an important update arrive.

Same thing for Xbox Series X, which recently received its awaited November update which brought many new features on the software side.


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