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Xbox Game Pass, added a new game to the July 2022 titles

Xbox Game Pass welcomes a new game announced as a surprise among the titles of July 2022. It is Garden Story, a Zelda-like with isometric view, which will be added to the titles in the catalog starting from July 12, 2022. Developed by Rose City Games and previously released on PC and Nintendo Switch, Garden Story is a title halfway between an action adventure and a life-simulator set in a colorful island populated by anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables. Here is the announcement trailer :

Let’s read the official description: 

As Grove’s new guardian, it’s your turn to unite a divided community. Cross a colorful island to keep it from rotting and rebuild your home. You are not alone: ​​you will find friends ready to help you!

Concord, Grove’s youngest grape, has become its guardian, and now he must try to save the island. It is a great responsibility and a large number of inhabitants doubt him. Thankfully, Concord can count on the help of friends like Elderberry, Rana and Fuji! Thanks to them, you can face your mission and encourage the other inhabitants to do their part.

Grove is your home and your efforts will change it for the better! Protect your friends, gather valuable resources and repair the island’s social bonds and structures by gathering the fruits, mushrooms and frogs of each village to fend off the rot that threatens their home. Lead Concord on her mission and earn the trust of the community – help others solve their problems and they’ll do the same for you!



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