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Xbox Game Pass, 2 new free games available today for day one

Starting today, you can download two new games for free on Xbox Game Pass, including the latest crazy production from the co-creator of Rick and Morty.

We are about to arrive at the official conclusion of the line-up of free titles for the first half of December on Xbox Game Pass : in fact , 2 new free games will be available from today , directly on day one on Microsoft home consoles.


The new titles arriving on the subscription service (which you can find at a discount on Amazon ) are profoundly different from each other and, for this reason, able to adapt to the different tastes of users, once again contributing to the strong variety of the proposed on console, PC and Cloud.

After the arrival of the numerous advantages dedicated to Riot Games , the time has therefore come to have fun with two new free proposals, one of which is already available for download at the time of writing this article.


In fact, you can now download High On Life for free on your devices or play it in the cloud: it is probably the most interesting proposal of the day, as it is a new production by Justin Roiland, mainly known for being the co- creator of Rick and Morty .

High On Life is a hybrid of first person shooter and metroidvania with a high dose of humor , in which you will have to use a set of talking guns to defeat the alien drug cartel G3, which uses humanity as the most powerful drug in the cosmos .


The other free title will instead be available on Xbox Game Pass only in the next few hours: it is Potion Craft , an alchemy simulator made available only in early access on PC, but which will soon also land for free on Microsoft home consoles.


This intriguing production has a sandbox game style and a graphic style inspired by medieval manuscripts and medical books : you can have fun experimenting and creating new recipes using the ingredients and tools at your disposal, satisfying the needs of your city.

The last free game of the first half of December will be available from this Thursday 15 : unfortunately, one of the most anticipated games previously announced has made a sensational “reverse” , postponing its entry into the subscription service.

On the same date , 11 free games will no longer be available , including several important titles: our advice is to carefully consult the list and try them all before it’s too late.


For the moment we don’t know what the new free games will be arriving for the end of December, but we have already summarized for you the important productions already confirmed arriving for January 2023 .


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