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Xbox Activision-Blizzard, there is a date for a termination of the agreement

The Activision-Blizzard Xbox deal is moving forward with small but sustained steps, while Microsoft will have to prepare to meet the EU.

Xbox Activision-Blizzard, there is a date for a termination of the agreement


The telenovela of Xbox and Activision-Blizzard still continues but, this time, Microsoft will be able to meet shortly with the European Commission to defend the legitimacy of the acquisition.

One of the regulators investigating the acquisition to prevent Xbox Game Pass (which you can subscribe to through Amazon) from becoming too powerful in the market.

For this reason, among other things, the UK CMA has set a very strict condition for the acquisition, namely the dismemberment of one of the two companies.


Xbox will also have to ensure that the Activision acquisition will not harm gamers, and it can do so soon with the European commission.

As Games Industry reports , in fact, Microsoft will participate in the hearing with the EU regulator on February 21st.


The hearing will be behind closed doors and the goal of the Redmond company will be to be able to present the evidence necessary to legitimize the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard.

A meeting that was requested, as Reuters states , by Microsoft itself which evidently wants the possibility of closing the issue once and for all with the antitrust regulatory bodies.

Obviously it is not certain that it will mark the end of the troubles for Microsoft, quite the contrary. However, many other supervisory bodies remain, but the European Union is still an important exponent.

As well as that of the United Kingdom, for which the controversial Bobby Kotick also recently intervened by throwing broadsides at the CMA .


Sharp figure for the image of the two companies which, apparently, will remain in office if the agreement is not concluded.

All while Xbox Game Pass is also at the center of a further storm, because it has been made known that the service definitively damages sales.


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