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World Cup in Qatar: anti-drones and Italian military


The World Cup in Qatar will start in a few days, exactly on November 20th. Among the various support activities in support of the security of the World Cup there will also be an Italian task force with 560 soldiers from the Armed Forces and the Carabinieri. France, United Kingdom, Pakistan and Turkey will also be present.

The stadiums will be crowded and possible easy targets for terrorists, the Italian army will therefore have the task of identifying and defusing explosive devices and other threats . These both come from the sky (kamikaze drones) and from the ground. To carry out these tasks, the Air Force will use the C-UAS system with portable jammer devices and the ACUS stationary anti-drone system. The task of the latter is to detect the presence of unauthorized aircraft in the airspace . Subsequently striking them from a distance with frequency jamming technologies. It is capable of interrupting the transmission of commands between the drone and its pilot’s remote control.

The Navy will control the territorial and international waters off Doha. It will be an opportunity for Italy to show the world its technological excellence and the capabilities of the Italian armed forces . In short, it can only be a note of pride for our country!

  • Military and anti-drone systems: here is Italy at the World Cup in Qatar (


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