World Cup championship prediction from Tanju Çolak

The carpet pitch, which is the partner of former football player Faruk Yiğit, living in Yalova, was opened with a ceremony. Faruk Yiğit’s teammates, with whom he ran the ball for a while, did not leave him alone. Tanju Çolak was among the names participating in the opening.

Tanju Çolak, in his statement to the journalists, stated that they had not met with Faruk Yiğit for 15-20 years, but attended the opening with a phone call.


Stating that he was the older brother of Faruk Yiğit when he was in the national team, Çolak said, “We need to congratulate and protect him for this beautiful facility. He earned his money from football, and he also invests in football. So did I. I also have two carpet pitches of my own. I call all Yalova here. “This is a very special place,” he said.

World Cup and Super League prediction from Tanju Çolak

Commenting on the 2022 World Cup , Çolak announced the championship candidate and showed Brazil and France as favorites.

Çolak Also Claimed That Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe have a 50 percent chance of championship in the Super League, while the other teams will not be champions.

After the football field opening, a mixed of fame match was held. Tanju Çolak made the kick-off of the match, in which Faruk Yiğit also played .



World Cup championship prediction from Tanju Colak




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