World Auction: Alba White Truffle in Singapore


In Singapore , Piedmont has become the star of the world auction of the Alba white truffle . Alberto Cirio, president of the Piedmont region met the local authorities for two days. Piedmont embraces many sectors at 360 degrees: from automotive to aerospace, from new food technologies to hydrogen.


Piedmont today represents the pilot region for the Italian government’s hydrogen policies, thanks to its innovation strength linked to the Polytechnic and the ability to immediately apply these new forms of clean energy in industrial networks.

Alberto Cirio, president of the Piedmont region

Piedmont has always nurtured its vocation for internationalisation , offering its companies the tools they need to explore the Singapore market . The visit of President Alberto Cirio opened with the XXIII edition of the World Auction of the Alba White Truffle. The president then had an interview with the top management of Enterprise Singapore regarding future collaborations.



Bringing here, thanks to Piedmont, this innovative image of Italy, which allows us to explore new collaborations with Singapore, means being protagonists in a showcase that is visible throughout Southeast Asia.

Ambassador Umberto Vattani

The subsequent event held in the Ambassador’s Residence “Discover Piedmont excellencies” allowed for an exchange on any common initiatives. Also present were the Minister of Labor with responsibility for trade and industry Tan See Leng and the President of the Singapore Food Agency Lim Chuan Poh. The president met with Singapore’s scientific and business community.

Another meeting with the Italian system in Singapore made it possible to take stock of the Piedmontese activities accompanied by the Embassy. One way to always aim at the internationalization of companies in the region by promoting leading sectors . The visit ended with a meeting with Singaporean tourism operators for the organization of tourist packages dedicated to Piedmontese excellence.

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