Wooden hotel: in Slovenia it integrates into the landscape

Wooden hotel: in Slovenia it integrates into the landscape.


The building sector is increasingly attentive to the materials used to reduce harmful emissions incorporated into a building. Maximum attention therefore to the raw materials used. A more unique than rare example is the expansion of the Natura hotel in Rogla, Slovenia. The building has been completely transformed by the addition of a wooden shell that serves as a facade and roof


The undertaking is complicated if one considers that a structure must be expanded by adding more than double its surface area. All without compromising the surrounding nature. The architects therefore chose a wooden building. A result that looks a lot like a chalet. An interlocking structure formed by natural wooden beams . A wood left free to age like the surrounding nature. Enota Architecture has made its project connect with the unconnectable, has integrated the facade with the roof. The envelope becomes a stack of wooden gable roofs. A typical system of this region. 

A natural wood, without the protection of particular varnishes, a free aging, totally in nature. The hotel is then expanded and fascinates leaving guests amazed. The interior spaces are well separated between public and private. Wood is used for interiors as a covering and as a constructive structure. In addition, the characteristic shape of the facade facilitates the passage of natural lighting with the reduction of energy consumption




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