Wiretapping Anastasiadis

It turned out that the Greek Cypriot leader, Anastasiades, listened to political party leaders and opposition journalists, including the UN’s Cyprus representatives, with spyware from Israel. It is suspected that the Greek Cypriot leader also listened to the Swiss summit in 2017, where Turkey was also present.

After Greece, a wiretapping scandal erupted in the Greek Cypriot administration. It turned out that Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades tapped the phones of UN’s Cyprus representatives, political party leaders and opposition journalists with Israel’s famous Pegasus and Predator mobile phone tapping software. In the scandal that entered the European Parliament (EP) reports, it is suspected that the Greek Cypriot leader also listened to the Cyprus summit in Switzerland in 2017, where Turkey was also present.



In the draft report prepared by the Pegasus spyware research committee, which was formed in the European Parliament and known as the PEGA committee for short, after its visit to the Greek Cypriot administration on November 2, it was stated that the software was sold to the Greek Cypriot administration by Tal Dilian, who is retired from the Israeli Army. According to the report, Dilian established companies called Avelode, Ws WiSpear and Passitora in the Greek Cypriot city of Larnaca in 2011. These companies sold listening systems and gave training to the Greek Cypriot police in 2014-15 with the NCIS intelligence services company, which Abraham Sahak Avni, retired from Israel Police Special Operations, founded in Larnaca. Pegasus and Predator software also copy correspondence from mobile phones.


Moving his companies to Greece, Tal Dilian is also the leading actor of the eavesdropping scandal that has stirred Greek politics in recent months. Tal Dilian was exposed in the American Forbes magazine in 2019 when he introduced the listening equipment placed inside a modified ambulance in Larnaca.



The names of UN officials, political party leaders and opposition journalists that Anastasiadis listened to were included in the book published last week by investigative journalist Makarios Duruşotis, the former adviser of the Greek Cypriot leader. Duruşotis, in his book titled “Crans Montana: How and Why the Cyprus Problem Was Denied”, explained how Anastasiades escaped from the table at the Cyprus summit held in Crans Montana, Switzerland in 2017, attended by the guarantor countries Turkey, Greece and England.

Duruşotis documented with witness statements and parliamentary minutes that Greek Cypriot intelligence organization KIPE President Kiriakos Kuros recorded and conveyed the same to Anastasiadis , As Well As Espen Barth Eide, The UN ‘s highest-ranking official in Cyprus at that time . Duruşotis noted that Anastasiadis also listened to the previous UN representative, Aleksander Downer.


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