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Windows 12 will use artificial intelligence in a way never seen before

Windows 12 will use artificial intelligence in a way never seen before.


When Microsoft first launched Windows 11 in 2021, Panos Panay, the company’s chief product officer, said the new version of the operating system would be “the first chapter in the next era of Windows.” Now, over a year later, we can get a little clearer idea of ​​what that statement meant.


On the occasion of CES in Las Vegas, Panos Panay took the stage of the AMD keynote (with which Microsoft has an important partnership). On that occasion Panay spoke of the synergy between the new Ryzen 7040 chips and the Microsoft operating system, announcing that artificial intelligence will have an increasingly central role within Redmond’s ecosystem of products and services, starting with Windows .

Artificial intelligences are the technology that is defining our time, it is something unique and never seen before. It is transforming industries, it is improving our daily lives in multiple ways – some are before our eyes, others are invisible. We are at a turning point and we owe this to the potential of the cloud

he said.


The Microsoft manager hinted at the changes that AI will introduce within the next generation of Windows. Windows 12 could be deeply integrated with the cloud and make heavy use of AI . Here’s what he said:


AI will revolutionize how you do anything on Windows, literally anything. We have increasingly advanced AI models, think of the models used by generative AI, models for images, for code generation, and for understanding languages. However, these are applications that require extremely high computational power, and that’s why we’ve never been able to do something like this before.

The next operating system will blur the lines between cloud and edge, and that’s exactly what we’re working on this way.


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