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Windows 11: Changing the default browser will become easier


Microsoft backtracks. After an update last December, changing the default browser had become an almost impossible task. Many users had viewed the move as part of an overly aggressive strategy to push Edge , Microsoft’s proprietary browser.


To change the default browser, users are forced to navigate through a very long list of options. In fact, Windows 11 required you to select a default browser for almost every file type and web format, making managing your preferences extremely complicated and tedious.

With the KB5011563 update of Windows 11 , Microsoft has chosen to backtrack, listening to the complaints of users. You go back to the old management of the default browser. Thanks to the update it will be possible to set a new favorite browser with just one click. In other words, it will no longer be necessary to change the default browser for each individual protocol.

Users, if they wish, can still set a different browser for each individual customization item. Those who preferred the old system will therefore be able to continue using it.


The novelty will be introduced with the next Microsoft Patch Tuesday in April. For the moment, the new management of the default browser has been introduced exclusively in the testing phase for users registered in the Insider program.



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