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Will Twitter finally let you select text on Android too?


Some platforms, such as the social network Twitter, have over the years seen better support for a specific mobile platform, be it iOS or Android . As far as Twitter is concerned , it is precisely the first case, given that specifically it is impossible to take advantage of various innovations on Android .


However, it must be said that the company is finally slowly updating its software to make the two versions ever closer, and has in fact apparently decided to make the contents of the texts selectable on Android as well.

We are talking about a feature available only on iOS, with the Pixels being the only exception on Android, which according to the developer Jane Manchun Wong would be ready to finally arrive for everyone.

At the moment, anyone who uses Twitter on Android and tries to copy the content of a twitter has to necessarily select everything, but thanks to the new feature, the operation should become much easier. It seems that you will therefore be able to select and interact with only a small part of the text , but apparently it will still be necessary to wait before the company finally has the opportunity to make everything available.





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