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Will the first Sony-Honda car have an integrated PS5?


A state-of-the-art game console integrated into an electric car? Why not, the Tesla Model X and Model S have already done it. So it is surprising up to a certain point that even the first electric car branded Sony (and produced together with Honda) can focus on such an option.


After all, who better than Sony knows about video games? The CEO of the newly formed joint venture Sony Honda Mobility, Izumi Kawanishi, released a mysterious statement: “Sony has the advantage of having entertainment technologies and services that excite people,” the manager told the Financial Times. “We want to bring these resources into electric mobility, it will be our strong point to beat Tesla”.

And so the rumors started to get loud: “the first Sony-Honda? It will have a built-in PS5 .” Nothing is confirmed yet. The first Sony-branded car will debut in the USA only in over three years, in 2026.

The idea is simple: the passengers of the car could pass the time during stops (especially when recharging the vehicle) by playing triple A video games, as if they were in their living room.


As we anticipated just above, Tesla has already thought about it, mounting a latest generation gaming system inside the latest generation Tesla Model S and Model X.



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