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Will Tesla’s next Gigafactory be in Mexico? “It will be the most expensive ever”


Tesla’s next Gigafactory could be in Mexico . According to Reuters, the automaker is seriously considering opening a new plant in Nuevo León.


Tesla could allocate an initial investment of between 800 million and 1 billion dollars in January (if not by the end of this week), while the overall costs of the new factory should be around 10 billion dollars. A figure that would also include any future expansions of the Gigafactory.

If these figures are confirmed, it would be the most expensive Gigafactory ever. Suffice it to say that the factory built in the industrial area of ​​Berlin, the first in Europe, cost 5.5 billion dollars.

The project, however, has not yet received final approval. The factory should be built near the city of Monterrey and at least initially it would be used to produce the components then used for the assembly of the vehicles already included in the Tesla line-up. One day the factory could also host the production of the first “mass Tesla” , i.e. a relatively inexpensive electric car.


Also according to Reuters, Musk has already met on several occasions with the governor of Nuevo León Samuel García. Nuevo León is located in the northern region of Mexico and shares a small portion of its borders with Texas, where Tesla and SpaceX are based.



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