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Will Samsung Galaxy S23 come with a MediaTek SoC?


Samsung has been relying on Qualcomm for its high-end devices for a very long time now, but things could apparently change. The chip giant has very fierce competition with MediaTek , which with its recent Dimensity 9000 has had the opportunity to demonstrate its potential in an even more marked way. As recently mentioned, it is even possible that when it finds itself launching its next top-end smartphones on the market, probably under the name of Galaxy S23, Samsung will opt for a MediaTek solution.


To anticipate everything are the pages of Business Korea, according to which in the S22 FE and in the S23 there will be a competitor chip, at least in Asia. It should be emphasized that the report in question does not come from official sources, and that the situation could therefore be quite different in the future, with Samsung perhaps not proposing any changes regarding the company that deals with the chips of its devices. It should also be emphasized that the giant may continue to prefer its Exynos in some parts of the world .

However, according to the pages of Business Korea, in any case about half of the devices that will be produced, both as regards the Fan Edition of the S22 and specifically speaking of the S23, will count on the potential of the successors of the Dimension 9000, which could instead take the name of Dimension 10000.

Actually, we don’t know what a change of this type could bring, and if the same will also have repercussions in our country or will limit itself to making the devices different from what has been seen up to now only in other parts of the world. Of course, all that remains is to wait for an official response from Samsung .





  • Galaxy S22 FE, Galaxy S23 Could Arrive With a MediaTek SoC, as Dimensity 9000 Impresses in Performance & Power-Efficiency (Wccftech)


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