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Will OPPO make its own SoCs by 2024?


Several companies have decided over time to rely more on their own strengths against the production of devices, and OPPO is also ready to add to these. The giant has been working for a long time to avoid having to rely too much on other companies when it comes to semiconductors and has confirmed that it is ready to launch an AP (Application Process) over the next year.


According to a report arriving from China, as reported on the pages of Gizmochina, it, therefore, seems probable that the company will find itself launching its own APs as early as 2023, with mass production of the chips that would be favored by the 6nm process of TSMC. As if that weren’t enough, the giant would also seem to be working on its own SoCs that will integrate its process and a modem, in this case slightly further away, given the alleged debut during 2024, and ready to use the 4nm process instead of TSMC extension.

The company has already had the opportunity to launch its own Mariana MariSilicon X NPU, but at the moment it is not yet clear what the company’s precise plans are for this operation. Certainly, it would be a source of pride and particularly convenient for the giant to be able to independently provide all the System on a Chip of its mobile devices, thus managing the costs and quantity of chips produced in the best possible way to take advantage of the launch of new jewels.

In about a couple of years, however, we will probably have to deal with results in this sense, even if we talk about how the company could use its devices only for mid-range devices, however falling back on the offers of Qualcomm and MediaTek which demands better performance.





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