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Will Mark Zuckerberg no longer be the CEO of Meta in 2023? It would make sense, but the company denies it


The indiscretion is shared by The Leak, quoting sources inside Meta: “ Mark Zuckerberg would be considering resigning as CEO of the company”. He would change the leadership, he is quick to specify the site, but not the plans for the future of the company: “the metaverse remains a priority”.


News that should upset only up to a certain point. Meta is in deep difficulty: users are declining, the gap with TikTok seems unbridgeable and Zuckerberg’s public image now seems irreparably compromised. But that’s not all: Mark Zuckerberg’s reign was relatively long-lived for Silicon Valley, which in the past had already accustomed us to the idea that the founders, at a certain point, can and must leave the baton to someone else (and sometimes to the idea that they could be defenestrated, as happened to Steve Jobs and Jack Dorsey).

In short, the resignation of Mark Zuckerberg could lead to a breath of fresh air within Meta, rekindling the excitement of the shareholders.

Too bad it seems that nothing is true


Too bad it seems that nothing is true. With a brief and lapidary note, Andy Stone branded the story shared by The Leaks as completely unfounded . “They are simply false rumors.” According to the manager of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg would have no intention of resigning, nor would he have been pushed by the Board to resign.



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