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Will Dead Space 2 Remake happen? An easter egg suggests it

Will Dead Space 2 Remake happen? An easter egg suggests it.


Apparently, within Dead Space Remake there would be a very special easter egg that suggests the arrival of a remake also for the second chapter of the series. The clue in question, discovered by Gamespot, appears once the credits are reached and the game started again via the New Game Plus. Once done, you will therefore be able to access a series of new textual and audiolog logs to collect.


The interesting thing is that in one of these new files it is possible to read an email exchange between two characters who, worried about the imminent ‘decommissioning’ of the USG Ishimura, discuss the new job opportunities offered on the other space stations. At one point, the two Ishimura members also mention a possible job at Sprawl on Titan in the email. Fans of the series will surely know that the events of Dead Space 2 take place right on the space station known as “Stazione Titan” or “Sprawl” built on a fragment of Titan and therefore that email can only be a clear reference to Dead space 2.

The discovery of this audiolog that mentions the Sprawl is obviously tickling the imagination of players who hope that this reference is not a tribute to the second title in the series, but a real clue that would confirm the development of Dead Space 2 Remake.

Clearly we are far from an official confirmation and in fact EA Motive has never referred to today to the possibility of the arrival of a remake of Dead Space 2. So for the moment take what is reported with a grain of salt.


Before leaving you, we remind you Dead Space Remake is already available on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X.



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