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Will Alan Wake 2 arrive in 2023? Sam Lake suggests it in a greeting message

Will Alan Wake 2 arrive in 2023? Sam Lake suggests it in a greeting message.


Alan Wake 2 is in full development and according to Sam Lake’s greeting message, the game should arrive in 2023 . In the tweet, which you can find below, the director describes the new year as intense, but exciting at the same time.


It’s going to be an insanely busy and exciting year too,” Sam Lake wrote in the New Year’s message, “Why? Well, if you look closely at the image below, you might see a clue.

Lake’s words are accompanied by an image showing the Alan Wake logo, as if to remind that the game is likely to arrive in 2023 and that this will characterize this year as challenging and exciting for Remedy. After all, a few months ago, Remedy herself reported that she was satisfied with how development was proceeding and that the game would most likely see the light in 2023 without a hitch. Consequently, Lake’s clear “hint” proves to be further confirmation of the team’s intention to make Alan Wake 2 available later this year.

Announced with a trailer at The Game Awards 2021, Alan Wake 2 will be the first survival horror of Remedy and will see the return of the actor Ilkka Villi in the role of the protagonist. Considering that Remedy intends to explore the horror genre, the atmospheres of this title will be much darker and more distressing than those of the first episode.


At this point, if there are really a few months left for the release of the second chapter of Alan Wake, it is very likely that we will soon be able to see it in action.

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