Why did the Karabakh crisis flare up?

The fact that Armenia did not fulfill the article regarding the Lachin corridor in the tripartite ceasefire agreement with Azerbaijan and Russia increased the tension in Karabakh.

While the world focused on the Russia-Ukraine war and the China-Taiwan crisis, the war in the South Caucasus, which ended with the ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan , Flared Up Again. Tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia started to escalate again on 1 August. The Clashes That Took Place The Previous Day In The Karabakh region resulted from Armenia’s unwillingness to fulfill the terms of the tripartite peace agreement dated 10 November 2020.



According to the 10-point three-point ceasefire agreement signed by Vladimir Putin, Ilham Aliyev and Nikol Pashinyan in Moscow about 1.5 years ago, the Lachin corridor, which provides the land connection between Armenia and the region where the separatist Karabakh Armenians live, was handed over to Azerbaijan together with the town of the same name. he was supposed to.

On August 1, the Baku administration conveyed to the Yerevan administration that it was time to withdraw the Armenian elements from Lachin, through the Russians, who assumed the role of peacekeeping force in the region. As a justification for Azerbaijan’s demand, he cited the completion of the new 32 km road, which passed through the desolate lands from Armenia to the separatist Karabakh Armenians.


However, Armenia did not fulfill Azerbaijan’s demand and opened fire on Azerbaijani soldiers on the front line on August 2. One Azerbaijani soldier died. In the face of critical developments, the Azerbaijani administration started the ‘Kısas’ operation by the order of İlham Aliyev.


A blow was dealt to the Armenian forces with the operation held in the Lachin corridor region. As a result of the operation that lasted for 24 hours, the Azerbaijani army captured the Kyrgyz and Sarıbaba hills around the Lachin corridor and established dominance over the region. D30 Russian-made cannons and military vehicles belonging to the Armenian troops were destroyed in the operation, while three Armenian soldiers died.


The Armenian side interpreted the developments in the Lachin corridor unilaterally and declared Azerbaijan the aggressor. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, angry with Russia, said, “The framework of the peacekeeping mission carried out by Russia in the region should be determined. Russia remains a spectator to what is going on,” he said. The separatist Armenian leader Arayik Harutyunyan, who controls the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan, declared a ‘partial mobilization’ in the Karabakh region on 3 August.

Russia, the USA and the European Union called for restraint to Yerevan and Baku.


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