White Rhinoceros: A New Hope

White Rhinoceros: A New Hope.


The last northern white rhino died in 2018 in Kenya, on the same reserve where the females are found. Attempts to save the species from extinction began in 2019 . Fertilized egg cells were donated from the sperm of extinct males, frozen before their death. 


Thus, 22 frozen embryos were produced, which are waiting to be implanted in other related subspecies. These include the southern white rhino, of which 20,000 remain. The method depends on the availability of frozen egg cells and sperm. A university team in Osaka has tested the possibility of making eggs and sperm from northern white rhino  stem cells .

Skin cells are taken from a rhinoceros and immersed in a chemical bath which makes them regress to the stem stage. They have the ability to transform into any type of cell. Then the stem cells, treated with other substances, are driven to become cells, precursors of ovules and sperm. From here you can get what you need to get an embryo . It will then be implanted into a female northern rhinoceros. There is no certainty that the host body will accept it. Here is a small big step towards the salvation of the species and its rebirth has been taken.




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