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Which smartphone does Bill Gates use? The billionaire unveiled the answer on Reddit

Which smartphone does Bill Gates use? The billionaire unveiled the answer on Reddit.



On the occasion of Bill Gates ‘ annual rendezvous with Reddit, the billionaire and Microsoft founder returned to talk about his sympathy for foldable smartphones. For several years now, Bill Gates has been dedicating a day to Reddit users, participating in what is called an AMA (Ask me Anything).


Also on this occasion, there was no lack of the ordinance question on which smartphone he is using at the moment. “Do you still have a Galaxy Z Fold3?” one user asked. Answer: almost.

Bill Gates explained that he uses a new Galaxy Z Fold4 every day, which would have been given to him by Jae-Yong Lee himself, the President of Samsung. “We recently met in Korea and he gave me this welcome gift,” he said, adding that he loves foldable smartphones because they allow him to leave the house with “just a laptop and phone,” where he can use Microsoft like Outlook in agility, switching from one device to another.


Gates also specified that he is working with the Microsoft team, but that he is no longer updated on the hardware roadmap of the company he founded. Just recently there was talk of the possibility that the next generation of Microsoft Duo could have a foldable screen. Thanks to Gates’ passion?



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