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WhatsApp works on a security measure against account theft


WhatsApp is working on a new security measure, designed with the aim of preventing and making account theft more difficult. The new feature has not yet been officially implemented within the application, for the moment it is still in the testing phase.

As often happens, to report the new security measure is the specialized site WABetaInfo: the version of the WhatsApp Beta includes a new in-app notification system that alerts us when someone is trying to access our account.

This system should reduce the risks associated with the so-called SIM Swapping, a practice that, thanks to identity theft and social engineering against telephone operators, would allow phone numbers to be cloned . In the event that WhatsApp notices suspicious activity, the application will send a notification to the user, warning him in time of the possible cloning of his SIM.

The notification includes a series of information: in addition to the date and time, also the model of the phone used for the access attempt .

Meta has not yet announced when it intends to bring this feature, currently in beta testing, to the official version of the app. Taking into account the normal timing of the company, it could probably be necessary to wait several more months.



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