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WhatsApp: polls arrive in beta on iOS


After it emerged that the WhatsApp team is working on a feature designed to create polls in group chats, the WABetaInfo pages finally had the opportunity to provide users with more news in this regard. We are talking specifically about a new beta version of the platform that has had the opportunity to bring what was anticipated on the iOS platform , letting users have the opportunity to start using the aforementioned feature.


Specifically, there is talk of the possibility of using a dedicated form to ask users for specific opinions in a decidedly convenient way. Thanks to WhatsApp polls, you can have up to a total of 12 options to select from. Once everything has started, it is possible for users to actively participate by choosing a given answer and possibly changing it, with various possibilities also provided to those who take care of realizing everything.

In fact, with the functionality you have the opportunity to add further possibilities during the creation phase and even swap some places, leaving everything to be particularly useful in group chats. From the possibility of setting meetings at specific times, choosing what to eat, or which film to see, the uses of the feature are certainly the most diverse, so much so that many users bother to use third-party apps to proceed with this possibility.

At the moment, as explained by WABetaInfo, everything is still available only on iOS, but it is almost certain that we will see the feature also arrive on Android in the future , thus allowing all users who use WhatsApp from mobile, and maybe sooner or later also from desktop , have the opportunity to fully enjoy when the update will be made stable.


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