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WhatsApp now lets you undelete a message

The new function is designed above all for those who want to cancel “for everyone” but mistakenly tap on “only for me”

Until today there was no way out if you wanted to delete a conversation or any chat item “for everyone” and instead you had accidentally tapped “just for me” , but WhatsApp has introduced an undo function request /cancel which brings the item back to chat and then makes it erasable for everyone. Or to keep it, in case you had second thoughts: you will in any case have five seconds after which the action will become irreversible.


The useful news was communicated by Will Cathcart or the manager of WhatsApp in Meta with a tweet on Twitter (see below) in which he also shows how the cancellation function will look graphically: when you tap on “cancel for me” a temporary window will appear informing you of the cancellation and on the right there will be the clickable Cancel button. The option will gradually spread globally, so if it doesn’t appear immediately, a little patience may be needed, it is certainly better as usual to always keep the application updated on both iPhone and Android.

The function is very useful if you need to delete an element in some inconvenient way but for the moment it only works with the “for me” option while you still can’t go back if you delete the “for everyone” option. And who knows if WhatsApp will listen to the requests of users who are clamoring (even under the communication of this novelty on Twitter) to remove the message deletion notification that is sent to the recipient when the sender decides to delete it. 


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