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WhatsApp: messages can be deleted within 48 hours of sending


WhatsApp makes the function that allows you to delete messages already sent a little more flexible : today users have just one hour from sending, but soon the time limit will be increased to 48 hours.

Of course, we are still very far from the Telegram philosophy: the rival app allows you to delete messages at any time, without limits; to tell the truth, Telegram even gives the possibility to delete the interlocutor’s messages, in order to clean up a chat from possible compromising exchanges.

WhatsApp has announced the news on its social channels. It seems that the rollout has already started, to receive the news users have to do is update the application to the latest version available. In order to be able to delete messages even after an hour from their sending, it is however important that the recipient has also downloaded the latest version of the app .

Although WhatsApp on its social networks claims that the new time limit has been extended to 48 hours, in reality WABetaInfo has found evidence of an even more permissive limit: users should have a total of 60 hours to decide whether or not to delete a message. In short, a day and a half.

As always, to delete a message sent by mistake on WhatsApp, simply tap on the message you want to delete, press the ‘trash bin’ icon and then select the Delete for all option.



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