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WhatsApp confirms global player on Android and other news


It has now been about 9 years since voice messages finally arrived on the WhatsApp platform . Recently, on its official pages, the company has had the opportunity to retrace some progress achieved over time, as well as some pleasant news that had been anticipated by the beta version, including the presence of a global audio player on Android . We have had the opportunity to delve into everything in this article .


Among the record numbers, we find the sending of a total of 7 billion messages per day on average among all users, which therefore underlines how it is a feature that is used to say the least. Find below the list of all the features that the company has included for the platform’s voice messages.

  • Background playback – allows you to continue listening to a voice message even if the related chat page is closed, so you can do something else in the meantime
  • Pause/resume recording : if necessary, you can pause the recording of a voice message and resume it when it is more convenient for you
  • Waveform display – Visual representation of the sound intensity of the voice message helps you follow the recording
  • Listen preview : listen to your voice messages before sending them
  • Continue Playing – If you pause a voice message, you can start listening to it again from the same point you left off when you reopen the chat
  • Fast playback for forwarded messages – Play forwarded voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speed as well

Certainly many interesting innovations, with several that have already had the opportunity to be tested over time, and which therefore do not qualify as big innovations. Between the global player and useful features like continuous playback, the new updates are certainly not to be overlooked.


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