What is Bitcoin & How it Works | Easy Explanation

 The word bitcoin which is searched far and wide from Google is circular all year round and what is its defense?  The word natural is widely used.  And what exactly is a bitcoin?  So, do it in simple words, without using confusing and complicated words.  If everyone sees the intensity of the world, why does anyone have enough care to guide you?  Someone lets you save it when you have a benefit of some value or even feel rewarded for keeping a superintendent in the office, then you get paid yourself later through the company.  Is employed.  Some dispute bonds are obtained or the company is mobilized at any cost. 


After receiving the goods to proceed, any supplement other than the shopkeeper comes in one hand.  If you are refreshed in the accumulated world, you get some value or profit for some part of the legislation in compensation, then you will be a non-helper who will support it.  Realized then gradually people showed a big collision of all these things that last longer and cost more, with gold in mind but taking gold so skillfully was incomprehensible, high meeting was an extra  Became a thing  Provided you do not need to carry gold.  .  You can restrict your gold viewing and as a reward, you will receive a receipt and with respect to this receipt, you can make a transaction and later the attached receipt is converted into paper care.  ۔  Then people relied more or less on the subject of dealing with relationships to represent care.  “I am involved in paying this amount to the holder.”  Operators were told by this appointment that if you follow this note you will get a much higher price, but if it is as a result, why not more?  Will printing of notes make it difficult for everyone to confront?  Suppose there is 1 kg of potato left and those who are in dire straits have more than 100,000 potatoes which is 100,000.  So the price of potatoes automatically crossed one lakh.  So even though the paperwork prints the note, it will not be a strict firm.  Without raising prices, it will be behind it and oppression will end and no one will slap on resources.  Then slowly began to approach paper care digital care.  But even in digital care, the biggest challenge was tracking transactions.  If any part of your account is deducted, it must be transferred to Options account.  And don’t let the hat go to the marginal account but the child says it doesn’t come out of your account.  A central banking system was adopted to expedite all this.  But with this central banking system, there are more challenges.


  The money you save in banks is invested by the bank and if there is any loss in this investment then your money will be in danger after the exploitation of PMC Bank.  People could not refuse to take care of the bank.  In 2008, Lehman Brothers, a loss-making financial institution, faced a global recession.  If people start withdrawing money together today, then the bank is not skilled in finding care to allocate.  The association that appears in your account is just a number that Existence Bank maintains by rotating it.  Firmly, you are handing over your care principle to someone else.  Lack of transparency.  And since some elected bodies are controlling this part, it is wreaking havoc.  And if running is required, it can cover the exact cost of caring for your child.  As we focus on demonetization.  In October 2008, a document was published and the person who published the document identified himself as Satoshi Nakamoto.  And who is this Satoshi Nakamoto?  To this day it is not known.  Therefore, this special document explains how our existing banking system can be converted to bitcoin currency and what its purpose is, which means that our bank will process all transaction records in a centralized system.  Maintaining this and showing that the transaction is low can be seen through the variable as well as the bitcoin currency.  Although many cryptocurrencies take care of this, here we will give an example of bitcoin after you hit a product with Paytm, or make a transaction that gives you some reward points.  Usually, they do compensation points.  If those points are used outside, they are used inside Paytm without any relief.  If that happened and everyone started helping, the value of those points would increase, as the bitcoin case went.  Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, qualitatively, at what level it exists, it depends on the right to enter it, how people forward it and where they cooperate.  Bitcoin is a digital cryptocurrency, it has no value.  When you place your hand on the bitcoin, it means that you get your hands on the specific residence of the bitcoin which allows you to transact at the residence in exchange for the bitcoin.  Bitcoin is an automated structure that does not require programming or coding.  Its algorithm runs on Autorun, but it requires systems and


computers to run the algorithm and requires thousands of computers on such a large scale and requires a third party to maintain these thousands of computers.  If the third party is conducting the operation with all the business then it will be considered and the structure of the same bank will be safe.  All recommendations will affect the third party.  To avoid this came the idea of ​​bitcoin mining, in which people manage algorithms through their computers and, while considering making transactions easier, you get bitcoins for a fee.  Since this stamp album system is in the form of distributed and blockchain, the hacking of hard work or hacking of a single dispensation or dispensation is solved here.  If bitcoin miners continue to make more bitcoins, they will insert and guide the larger material that I have described in the potato example, inflation will rise.  To avoid this, it has already been confirmed that no more than 21 million bitcoins will be created.  As a bitcoin miner, how many bitcoins will you get because the return depends on how many people are leaving the computer and mining bitcoins?  In 2009, you could make 200 bitcoins in 2 to 3 days, but today if you have trouble making bitcoins, you will have to pay the price for 150 years.  What is the disadvantage of Bitcoin?  The first is that this is not the case everywhere.  The other thing is that it doesn’t make sense when you give it because there are a lot of illegal things in it because of this footnote.  The third problem is all volatile plants and animals, the value of which changes in 30 seconds.  Suppose you have bought a product and in the future you will have to take care of the child in return,




the price may have changed later in this period, now the shopkeeper will fix the problem of how much is in his stomach.  Compared to child care.  Share?  In argument  Because there is no way to play a role.  As it is a source of entry, some mechanisms may soon be attached to it.  The most important business is whether the bitcoin is legal in India.  It is believed that the bitcoin is authentic in India, but not by handing it over, it means that you have a sense of all its trade and purchase, all the risk is yours, the attribute must understand it.  Anxious but as a result no results have been announced so far.  On April 5, 2018, the RBI released a trailer to each bank stating that you should not have funds for your facilities for every class of institutions that operate in cryptocurrency.  Yes, that’s right you can now become known as the Lord of the Rings.  Avoid withdrawing your cap from cryptocurrency stocks.  It was challenged by the Crypto Currency Exchange in the Supreme Court and the contest was won by the Crypto Currency Exchange for 2 years.  The RBI later had to surgically cut its guidelines.  You can use a bitcoin in two ways. First, you can enter into a transaction, but your difference depends on the person who is involved with the person above.  Whether it happens or not, secondly, your capital you can get 1 bitcoin for 0.04 paise.  In 2009.  But today the value of bitcoin is more than Rs.  And the purpose of becoming.  Wealthy overnight, you will make up for the loss and if you invest wisely you can make a profit from it.  Elon Musk, Mike Tyson, Macy’s, Facebook, JPMorgan Chase, and PayPal all have a stake in it. 



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