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What does Chrome Passkey offer users?

Passkey, which we saw in Safari before, started to show itself in Chrome as well. Let’s take a look at what Chrome Passkey offers to users.

The Chromium Blog announced that Passkey support, which was first introduced for Chrome Canary in October, will also roll out to Chrome Stable M108 starting last week . Passkey, which we saw in Safari before, started to show itself in Chrome as well. Let’s take a look at what Chrome Passkey offers to users.


Passkey replacement in Chrome 

The fact that users were not careful in the password setting process led them to become victims of phishing actions, while also bringing data breaches. As a precaution, Chrome has released two-step verification and Google Password Manager features in the past. 

However, the company aims to provide a safer experience to its users with Passkey. Because Passkey offers a more secure option to both passwords and phishing actions than open verification methods. 

Passkey benefits

It should be noted that Passkeys offer many advantages in terms of security. For example, Passkeys cannot be reused like passwords. Also, when the server is compromised, Passkeys do not leak out. In addition, let’s add that Passkeys protect users against phishing attacks.

Developed according to industry standards , Passkeys can easily run on different operating systems and browser ecosystems. In addition, it can be used on both websites and apps. 

Using the Chrome Passkey 

Just as you need to authenticate when unlocking a device, you also need to authenticate when using Passkey. 


Passkeys will be available on Windows 11, macOS and Android. Passkeys will be able to work synchronously on Android devices through Google Password Manager. In later versions of Android, any password manager that supports Passkeys can be used instead of Google Password Manager. 

When you save the Passkey on your device, the autofill option appears. 

On desktop devices, it is possible to use Passkey on your nearest mobile device. At this point, it is worth mentioning that you can use Passkeys on both your Android and iOS devices. 

In the same way, let’s add that you can manage your Passkeys through Chrome browsers running on Windows and macOS.

Finally; You can only use passkeys to log into sites and apps that support them. In the article published by Chromium, it is stated that developers who want to add logins to their projects with Passkey can benefit from the WebAuthn API . 


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