Weather: the January forecast of the Italian Air Force

Weather: the January forecast of the Italian Air Force.


The National Aeronautical Meteorology and Climatology Center of the Air Force have drawn up the weather forecast for Italy for 2023. Here is the trend for January. The first week will be purely dry with values ​​almost completely below the climatic average. Excluding more rainfall in the North-West.


In the second week, pressure values ​​will be reported which in the North-West could still outline a modest promontory. However, the north-western component of the main perturbation will allow the transit of modest disturbances which will increase rainfall in the northern regions. Values ​​in line with the average for the period will be reported, while there will be a persistent dry period in the rest of the peninsula. For the temperatures there will be a prevalent distribution higher than the climatic averages. 

In the third week there will be more perturbation entries that will bring the rainfall values ​​back in line with the statistic. The values ​​will also condition the temperatures which will have a modest reduction, while remaining above the average for the period.

There will be no particular variations for the baric configuration, which however will always have a cyclonic curvature. This will not have variations on the precipitation front. On the thermal picture it will undergo a further slight decrease which will bring the thermal values ​​back in line with the average of the statistics. 



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