We want to cooperate with Russia on the development of green and clean energy.

Chinese President Xi Jinping stated that they want to cooperate with Russia on the development of green and clean energy.

In his congratulatory message to the 4th China-Russia Energy Trade Forum held in Moscow, the capital of Russia, Chinese President Xi described the cooperation in energy as one of the important cornerstones of bilateral relations.


Expressing that China and Russia’s strengthening of close coordination against external risks and challenges and encouraging important projects together shows the strength of the existing cooperation, Xi said that this situation also reveals the broad perspective of the comprehensive strategic cooperation between the two countries.

In his message, Xi also said, “China wishes to work with Russia to further bring its energy relations closer, to promote the development of clean and renewable energy, to contribute to the long-term sustainable development of international energy markets and to maintain international energy security and stability of the supply chain.” made its assessment.

China, which ranks first in electricity production in the world with a share of 30 percent, will increase the share of renewable energy, which is about 28 in electricity production, to 33 percent by 2025, and its total installed power capacity in solar and wind by 2030, within the scope of the 14th 5-year development plan published in March. He had announced that he was aiming to raise 1.2 terawatts until today.


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