We expect positive and concrete steps from the USA.

Regarding the finalization of the National Defense Authorization Law (NDAA), which includes the 2023 defense budget, in the USA, which imposes restrictive conditions for the sale of F16 to Turkey, the Minister of National Defense said: We want this process to be concluded as soon as possible in a positive and speedy manner,” he said.

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar answered questions on the agenda at a press conference with Finnish Defense Minister Antti Kaikkonen.


Upon a journalist’s question about the finalization of the NDAA draft, which includes the 2023 defense budget, in the USA, which restricts the sale of F16s to Turkey, Akar stated that work continues for the procurement of 40 F16s and the modernization of 79 aircraft belonging to the Air Force Command. Noting that they are making efforts to conclude these works in a positive and rapid manner, Akar said:

“We want the process to conclude positively and quickly”

“We follow all developments and studies closely. We have seen the positive approach of our US counterparts on this issue from the beginning. We have always seen a positive approach from the US, including the members of the delegation, in the meetings between the delegations, especially the US Secretary of Defense Lloyd James Austin. “We expect positive and concrete steps from the USA. We want these efforts and the process to be concluded in a positive and rapid manner as soon as possible. We expect all our allies, especially Finland, to support and contribute to Turkey’s fight against terrorism and the modernization efforts of the Turkish Armed Forces.”

“Strong TAF means strong NATO, strong alliance”



Emphasizing that the Turkish Armed Forces is fighting against terrorists and that their only target is terrorists, Akar said:

“We expect the necessary contribution from our allies to support the procurement and modernization efforts of our Armed Forces, both in the fight against terrorism and in the full fulfillment of our duties within NATO. The F16 issue is also a part of this. We have some work to procure and supply from our other allies, but some “We are facing threats. I would like to remind you once again that these restrictions are lifted. Because naturally, the most important thing we should all know is strong Turkish Armed Forces, strong NATO, strong alliance.”


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