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We already know many things about iOS 17 (and therefore about the iPhone 15)

We already know many things about iOS 17 (and therefore about the iPhone 15).


What will the next version of Apple‘s mobile operating system look like? The well-known tipster LeaksApplePro has pressed his sources, giving us the first portrait of iOS 17. After all the ‘ailments’, so to speak, of iOS 16, Apple wants to make system stability its main priority.


In short, he wants to avoid a new launch full of defects, bugs, and critical issues. iOS 16, by now it is known, was accompanied by various problems, which Apple had to solve with various patches extremely quickly.

iOS 17 will be the next version of iOS to be released by Apple and the one that the new iPhone 15 will come standard with . Apple has obviously already been working on it for some time and is known internally by the code name Dawn.

«As far as I’m concerned – writes the tipster -, there won’t be many visual changes. This version of iOS will focus more on stability and efficiency.” To this must be added another detail: 2023 will not only be the year of the debut of the new iPhone 15, but also that of the launch of Apple’s long-awaited VR / AR viewer . As Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman anticipated, Apple has chosen to focus the bulk of all its resources on this product, at the cost of reducing the announcements scheduled for 2023 and reducing the innovations that will be introduced within its ecosystem. “However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be new features in iOS 17,” LeaksApplePro continues .


As far as I’m concerned, Apple is planning some changes to the Music app. I can’t share anything very specific, just that it will have to do with navigation within the app. There will be changes to the Mail app to streamline it a bit, improvements to Reminders and Files. Apple is also planning minor changes to Fitness and Wallet (this may have to do with Apple Pay Later, but I can’t confirm anything). There will be major changes to the Home app and minor changes to the Find-My app

the tipster then explains to us.

iOS 17 also reveals something about the iPhone 15, 15 Pro and 15 Ultra

By analyzing the code of the very first alpha versions of iOS 17, AppleLeaksPro therefore provides us with some other very interesting ideas. First, Apple will debut an official companion app to its headset, similar in concept to the Watches app that is central to customizing Apple Watches. However, it will offer many more functions and we already know that Apple’s viewer will replicate almost all the functions of the iPhone in 3D.

Then, again thanks to the code, we know that iOS 17 will support Dynamic Island on six different smartphones : iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max, included, of course. This means that the notch will finally also be removed from the two entry-level iPhone 15s, which, just like the 14 Pros, will also have the dynamic island.


Finally, some rather negative news (but which we expected): it seems that Apple will introduce the USB-C port on all its iPhone 15s, but the performances will not be identical. The Pro/Ultra models will actually have very high data rates, while the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will only still provide Lightning-like performance.

Final note: according to LeaksApplePro, the iPhone 15 Ultra chipset will be let loose, which will result in higher temperatures. Because of this, it is likely to have a very advanced cooling system.


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