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making money by watching ads is an actual thing now many people spend quite a large amount of their time watching these ads and these individuals are paid in return for their time we’re going to show you in today’s video how this is done the best part is that this is completely free and available in every country on the planet we’ll also demonstrate how to create a free account and much more but before we get into the rest of the video welcome to moneyguy here you’ll be able to learn to make money in a short amount of time in the simplest way possible so make sure to subscribe to our channel as


well as hit the bell icon to be in the loop of what’s happening here without wasting further time let’s jump right into the video firstly get yourself a phone or a computer step two is to just click on the web page and step three is to get paid right away it’s as simple as that every day tens of thousands of users are paid out on this platform so let’s take a look at how much money you make from this website in fact you can make around point eighty seven dollars if you click on time the first step is to go to light gpt which is a website dedicated to like gpt so basically there are a variety of ways to make money online on this website ptc and video advertisements are now the finest ways to make money on this website ptc stands for pay to click which means you might be compensated for visiting a website or clicking on advertising one of the reasons we like this platform is that they offer immediate withdrawals meaning you can cash out your gains within 24 hours they do however have an extremely low minimum payment of point fifty dollars following this you can then begin withdrawing your money on this website there are so many various payment alternatives to register for a free count all you have to do now is click on the green button right there you can use any username you wish and then enter your email address and password confirm your password and leave the referral code blank following this complete the verification and accept the privacy policy finally register by clicking the blue register button take a peek at the second website where you can earn money every 10 seconds you earn money by just viewing the advertiser’s website and clicking on their links you can cash out your gains using a variety of methods including payza paypal money ad cash gold money and many others you can also pay out your money after you reach two dollars which is really simple now we’re going to show you how to create your free account first simply click register then enter your username email address and confirm your email address then for the currency you can select any currency in which you want to be paid furthermore you can choose whatever payment method you wish for too fill in the remaining essential information verify your identity and accept the privacy policy just as you did before now all you have to do is click the register button and that’s all there is to it now when you log into your account you’ll see a variety of adverts that you can click on to earn money there is an example of banner adverts on the website as you can see simply click on that and you’ll be taken to another page as a result it’s a critical component right now make sure and you’re paying attention keep in mind that you must stay on this website for 30 seconds in order for the money to be credited to your account after that you’ll notice an increasing number of banners simply click on one of them to be redirected to a different website you won’t have to join up for any of these websites nor do any challenging tasks there so don’t be concerned all you have to do now is stay on this website for at least 30 seconds in order to receive your funds so make certain you don’t squander any time make a point of clicking on as many banner adverts as possible so we recommend that you click on 5 or 10 adverts and various tabs of your browser or even other browsers at the same time so that you can wait 30 seconds in total saving you a lot of time and making you a lot more money than other people simply clicking on the banner advertising is one method to accomplish it so that’s the first and most important way to get money by getting paid to click on adverts the second method involves selecting a video and watching it for 30 seconds so once you’ve successfully logged onto your account you may go to a hideout tv and watch various videos in video commercials you can earn money online by simply clicking on it for 30 seconds as you can see there are literally hundreds of movies and advertisements to view in order to make money online we will assist you in creating a free account in order to ensure that you are compensated [Music] as a result we’d want you to click the top right sign up button after that you’ll proceed to the next page which is the registration page enter your basic information and choose a username and email address by scrolling down also enter your account’s password clear the human verification accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy and click the sign me up button just as you did with the prior websites let’s say you’d want to watch a video right here on the website all you have to do is click on the video and it’ll transport you to a page where adverts will begin to appear directly in that video now and then 1 two or even three commercials appear directly in front of the video you may make money online by watching advertisements the more advertisements you watch the more money you’ll make as a result depending on the videos you watch you may receive two or three commercials some videos will now be free of advertising but don’t worry simply click on other videos make sure there is an advertisement in front of the video and stay for 30 seconds to view the advertisements that’s how you can make a lot of money online in this manner don’t be concerned now this is something that you can accomplish on your phone or on your computer too so what we want you to do is click on a few different videos assume you click on one video and then another and then another and so on in numerous tabs as we previously stated you may save time while simultaneously watching a large number of movies and earning a substantial amount of money [Music] remember the more videos you watch the more money you’ll earn the second feature of this website that we enjoy is that it says sponsored on the right side again this refers to advertisements you make money online every time you click on them this will take you to another website where you must stay for at least 30 seconds and then back you’re earning money once more and once again this is a wonderful opportunity since you can earn two streams of income by just watching videos for 30 seconds and then clicking on banner advertising on the website and staying there for 30 seconds to receive your money on these websites you have a plethora of options there’s so many various films and video commercials to view as well as so many banner advertisements on a website that you might as well just click on them and get paid and that’s exactly how a lot of individuals on the internet make a lot of money every day but just visiting websites and watching video commercials you may make hundreds of dollars in a matter of minutes with no investment other than your time so the job is quite simple isn’t it after all a quick side hustle to grab a few extra bucks has never really hurt anyone if you enjoyed this video do have a look at some other videos of ours and we’re sure you’ll enjoy them the same as this one with that being said we have come to the end of our video and we hope you found it quite informative do drop this video a like to support our efforts and also do press the subscribe button to gain access to all our content and while you’re at it push the bell icon to receive the latest updates on the events taking place of moneyguide and we can’t wait to have you back on our channel bye and see you guys real 


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