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WannaFriendMe: the ransomware that asks for a ransom in Robux, the currency of the Roblox video game


MalwareHunterTeam researchers have discovered a new ransomware that is atypical to say the least. The ransom? You don’t pay in cryptocurrencies but in Robux, the virtual currency of the Roblox video game .

Ransomware is a specific category of malware programmed to encrypt all data contained on a machine or computer system. The criminals then demand a cash ransom to provide the decryption key and give the administrators back access to the system. Not surprisingly, Ransom means ransom or extortion.

They are extremely effective and highly profitable and for this reason they have become one of the most widespread cyber threats in recent years. During the last week, the municipality of Palermo was also attacked by ransomware, which forced the administration to take all computer systems offline.

Ransomware always asks for a ransom, and most of the time this has to be paid for in cryptocurrencies. Instead, this is the first time that malware has been designed to get paid in the virtual currency of a video game.

WannaFriendMe encrypts computer data, like all other ransomware. What changes is the payment method: the victim must purchase the key from the Roblox store, a popular sandbox video game. You pay in a native digital currency called Robux. The key is sold at a price of 1700 Robux , or 21 euros. It could be one of the ‘cheapest’ redemptions ever seen on ransomware.



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