Wages: increase on the way for cleaners and caregivers


For 2023, the increase in the salaries of cleaners, carers, and babysitters associated with inflation could skyrocket for Italians. The risk is a string of 2,000 euros a year. Without an agreement with the union, the increase in minimum wages will start automatically. In practice, a heavier paycheck for caregivers, babysitters, and domestic workers of 9% from 1 January 2023. That’s 125 euros more per month, on an annual basis they could reach 2 thousand euros. A drain on families with the risk of an increase in undeclared work. Italians are already aggravated by the increase in bills. 


Families could decide to reduce the hours of their family assistant or to declare less but there is also the risk for many women of giving up work and returning home because it becomes convenient, in the face of low-wage work and the possibility to have the Naspi or more substantial single checks, not face the expense of housework.

Andrea Zini, president of Assindatcolf (Association of Domestic Workers)

It is hoped that an agreement can be found with the union not to start the automatic increase. President Andrea Zini proposes to the government a deduction for expenses for cleaners, carers and babysitters. A way to bring out the illegal work 

  • Maids and carers, a 2 thousand euro sting is coming for families (


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